Sensitisation campaign on safety and cleanliness at beaches starts at Belle Mare

A campaign to further sensitise the population on safety measures at sea and on the importance of keeping the beaches clean as well refraining to litter on the beaches was launched on 27 December 2018 at Belle Mare.

This campaign is an initiative of the Minister of Social Security, National Solidarity, and Environment and Sustainable Development in collaboration with the Beach Authority, the Living Environment Unit, the Solid Waste Management Unit and the National Coast Guard to protect the citizens and ensuring their safety at the beaches during the festive season and also to reinforce the practice of cleanliness.

The campaign consists of three key elements namely: cleaning of beaches; the importance of preventing littering on beaches; and ensuring safety at sea. It also intend to send a strong signal to the population to be more responsible with regards to maintaining cleanliness at the beaches across the island. All these measures and strategies would be in vain if citizens do not change their mindset and fail to recognise their responsibility to tackle environmental problems.


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