Government’s commitment to eradicate poverty

This Government’s commitment is in line with its Vision 2030 and Government Programme 2015-2019.  The empowerment of vulnerable families remains at the centre of development.  The FCHS has been set up with the aim of ensuring the social integration of vulnerable groups into mainstream society to enable their socioeconomic empowerment.

The provision of decent housing is indeed a major step in the fight against poverty as it lays the foundation for the social progress and enhancement of the life chances of poor families as well as widen the circle of opportunities for the whole family.  The relentless support of the National Empowerment Foundation (NEF), to help advance Government’s anti-poverty policy and its aim to provide assistance to the absolute poor in view of enhancing their quality of life and improving their living conditions.


The FCHS project is a joint collaboration of the NEF and the Ministry of Social Integration and Economic Empowerment, geared towards the objective of providing decent housing to vulnerable families.  Since 2016, some 200 housing units have been provided to eligible SRM beneficiaries.  The beneficiaries  who are the owner of the plot of land, received assistance for the construction of their housing units.  These units are equipped with all the necessary facilities, amenities, safety, security and a harmonious environment where SRM beneficiaries can live an active and healthy life in better conditions.


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