Indian military base on Assumption Island in Seychelles

An environmental impact assessment should be the next step in the proposal to build military infrastructure on the remote island of Assumption if the Seychelles parliament ratifies the agreement, said a senior official of the Ministry of Environment .

The chief secretary of the Ministry of the Environment, Alain De Commarmond, said the project will have little impact on the environment. Seychelles and India signed a 20-year agreement in January to build military infrastructure on Assumption Island. The agreement, fully funded by the Indian government, also provides assistance to Seychelles.

In a presentation, Seychelles People’s Defense Force (PSDF) representative Micheal Rosette said the Coast Guard Assumption Base is considered by the SPDF as an ideal location.

According to Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Barry Faure “Assumption military base will strengthen the military capabilities of control and maritime surveillance of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of 1.37 million km2 of Seychelles, archipelago to the west of the Indian Ocean, it will also provide protection for the EEZ and the outer islands, as well as search and rescue in the region for the benefit of air and sea traffic. ”



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