India hand over navigational chart to Mauritius

The Commanding Officer of the Indian Naval Ship (INS) Sarvekshak handed over the Navigational Chart ‘Approaches to Grand-Port’ to the Government of Mauritius on 26 January 2018 and coincided with the celebration of the 69th Republic Day of India. INS Sarvekshak prepared the navigational chart after completing its one month deployment in Mauritian waters.

The cultural affinities and long historical ties between India and Mauritius have contributed to a strong and cordial relationship. In 2005 Mauritius signed a Memorandum of Understanding with India, which has since been renewed, to promote hydrography and to enhance capacity building.

The vital role of hydrography for a maritime state like Mauritius with its 2.3 million km2 Exclusive Economic Zone was also underlined by the Minister. He pointed out that hydrographic services and navigational charts are the primary tools for ensuring safety of navigation and sea borne trade in Mauritian waters. For the exploration and exploitation of the potential marine resources, it is imperative that systematic data be collected in the surrounding oceans.

INS Sarvekshak, in its sixth visit to Mauritius, arrived on 30 December 2017 to undertake the joint hydrographic survey of Grand Port as well as collect data in the South Eastern part of the island for scientific research, and to provide training to local officers.  INS Sarvekshak also handed a fully operational survey motor boat to the Ministry of Housing and Lands to replace the Inshore Survey Vessel (ISV) Pathfinder, gifted by the Indian Government in 2013 and which recently developed defects. The defective boat will be returned to Mauritius following repairs to be carried out in India.


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