Lack of discipline on the roads a major source of concern

The lack of discipline of Mauritians on the roads is a major source of concern, with the death toll having already exceeded 150.

A total of 217 922 contraventions has been issued by the Mauritius Police Force from January to November 2017, with August being the month where the most of them were given.

Official figures from the Mauritius Police Force show that 84 286 contraventions for speeding, 11 238 for use of cellular phone while driving and 10 025 for non-wearing of seat belts were issued.

According to the police, more than 165 drivers have been brought to justice for having committed more than five offences and 19 of them have already had their driving licence suspended.

Figures for the following offences are: Alcotest positive: 2 088; Dangerous driving: 114; Failing to wear crash helmet securely: 1 846; and failing to wear crash helmet: 812.

For the end of year festivities, the Special Supporting Unit and the Special Mobile Force, as well as 8 000 additional police officers are supporting the staff of the Traffic Branch and Police stations to ensure the safety of the population.


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