Gurib-Fakim says “Africa is an important market for us”

The President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mrs. Ameenah Gurib-Fakim, said Monday evening, in her traditional Christmas message to the people of Mauritius, that Africa is an important market for Mauritians and that Mauritius should act as an interface between the African continent and Asia.


Gurib-Fakim said Mauritius should pursue its efforts to find new markets. Africa, according to her, is an important market with almost 1.2 billion inhabitants. “Africa will need, in the coming years, skills as engineers, researchers, computer scientists and that is why we must prepare our young talents to allow Mauritius to be an interface between the African continent and Asian, “she said.

The president said she is confident in the Mauritian youth and in its ability to help transform Mauritius, “but for that, we must work, continue to make efforts and be disciplined in order to develop a culture of merit , productivity, quality and excellence. ”

She said she is convinced that Mauritians have the capacity and the resources to take up this new challenge together


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