President – Mr Suttyhudeo TENGUR Senior Teacher who has worked at Otter Barry Government School, O Beaugard Government School and Reverend Walter Government School. Active in the education and cooperative field. Is currently the President of the Government Hindi Teachers’ Union and Vani Printing Cooperative Society Ltd. And holds position of secretary of the Primary School Teachers’ Cooperative Credit Union and the Camp Thorel Multipurpose Cooperative Sty Ltd. Mr Tengur is also the Chairman of Cooperative Development Council and the Editor in Chief of ‘Akrosh’, a monthly Hindi Newspaper.

Vice President – Mr Anand DEELJORE Deputy Head Master with over 35 years of experience in the south region he worked namely in Rose Belle South , Rose Belle North and D Basant Rai Government Schools . Is also the president of White Eagle Sporting Club. Is a trainer in First Aid / Animation Leadership.



Secretary – Mr Vishal KATOAROO :- Educator with over 10 years of teaching experience he served namely in New Pailles Government School , Guy Rosemont Government School and  Labourdonnais Government School. He is also the executive member of the Government Hindi Teachers Union.

Assistant Secretary - Mr Fazral Sadiq ROJUBALLY :- Retired D  eputy Head Teacher.  He has over 41 years of experience in schools. He worked namely in N. Saddul Government School, Phoenix Government School , James Toolsy Government School and La Confiance RCEA School. He is also the executive member of the PSTCCU Ltd.



Treasurer -Mr Dan Singh SEETEEJORY:-   Educator with over 9 years of teaching experience. He has served in Charles Telfair Government School , St Esprit RCA, Réunion Road Government School and Mesnil Government School. He is the executive member of the Government Hindi Teachers Union. Member of the Global Wellness Society.

Member – Mrs Benjamine Jacqueline NARAINSAMY  :- Deputy Head Teacher, Educator. She has been in the Education sector for over 26 years. She worked namely in St Leon RCEA, Phillippe Rivallande RCEA, Queen Victoria RCA , St Francois Xavier RCA and  De la Salle RCA Schools. She is the executive member of the PSTCCU Ltd and of the UPST.  She is also an active member of the social group of Pte Aux Sable.




Member – Mr Dharmendra REECHAYE Deputy Head Master. Having served for 39 years at Roche Noires Government School, Amaury Government School, Barlow Government School. Is a priest at Arya Samaj Mauritius. He is also experienced in forming priest since 22 years and Board Director of the MCCF. Currently acts as the secretary of GHTU and of the Amaury National Cooperative Store Sty since 25years.




Member – Mr Preetam GOJADHUR Educator with 9 years of work experience. Has worked at Mare Tabac Government School , MGI Solferino and MGI Nouvelle France. Executive member GHTU and also active member – 16eme Mile Youth Club.





Member – Mr Mohun SREEKISSOON Senior Teacher-Has worked for 34 years at Jawaharlal Nehru Government School, Bon Accueil Government School, and S.Bissoondoyal Government School. Executive member of the GHTU. Active member of the Ramayan Mandali and is the treasurer in a Shivala.





Member – Mr Vasan G.VENKADEE Teacher Senior Teacher. Has worked for 30 years at Maheshwarnath Government School, D Sewraz Government School, and Grand Bay Government School. Executive member of the PSTCCU. President of Bramsthan Cooperative Credit Union.




ramjeeawonMember – Mr Shradhanand RAMJEEAWON Teacher Senior Teacher-Has worked for 35 years at La Briquetterie Government School, Fond du Sac Government School, and Young Men’s Hindi Aided Government School. Executive member of the GHTU. Active member of the Arya Sabha ( Triolet Branch). Dedicated in social work.

Auditor – Mr Madanlall ADHIN :- Retired Deputy Head Teacher. Has served for 33years in the Education sector. He has served D Hurry,  Ramluggun Moosun, Poudre D’or Hamlet , S.K Canhye, and Mapou Government School and  Marie Reine RCA.

sembhooAuditor – Mr Dhunraz SEMBHOOSenior Teacher for 34 years in Reverend Edward Walter Government School, Lady Lydie Government School, and Camp Thorel Government School. Inspector of Hindi Schools, he is also a writer and author of Hindi Books and Plays. Council member of Hindi Speaking Union, currently acts as Secretary of the Hindi Pracharini Sabha. Host of religious activities.