Divorce in Mauritius:

1976 married couples separated in court in 2017 against 1910 in 2016
The number of divorces in Mauritius is increasing every year. In 2017, 1976 married couples were separated in court against 1910 divorces in 2016. The main reasons given are that women are showing more and more their sense of autonomy and independence.

The number is far from the 305 cases of divorce of 1981 or the 549 cases of 1990. The figures have more than doubled.  In the face of justice, infidelity and domestic violence are the reasons why partners have been asking for divorce for years. The advent of technology is also a cause, it encourages adultery.
If in the past divorce was a taboo subject, it is now increasingly sought to end a toxic relationship. As women become more independent, women tend to be the ones who demand the most divorce.

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