Govt relocates 36 families of Mare Chicose to Rose Belle

Thirty-six beneficiaries have received their letters of intent yesterday during a ceremony held at the Multi-Purpose Complex of Rose-Belle in the context of the relocation of families from Mare Chicose to Marie-Jeannie Rose Belle.

Government’s commitment in providing decent housing facilities to Mauritians.  Several measures have been implemented since 2014 to address the problems of poor housing conditions as well as improving the citizens’ lifestyle, he indicated. The relocation of the 36 families of Mare Chicose is one of those measure.  In fact, Government had on 13 July 2018, agreed to the grant of a building site lease over a plot of State land at Marie-Jeannie, Rose Belle to the 36 families who are being relocated from Mare Chicose. Each family will be allocated a plot of land of around 225 m2 at Marie- Jeannie, Rose Belle on bail for a period of 10 to 20 years between 2038-2060 depending on their social criteria and that they will be able to buy the plot of land after the bail period ends. The allocation of a plot of land will put an end to the inconveniences and problems such as poor living conditions and lack of proper infrastructure and facilities which the 36 families have had to endure over the past 20 years.


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