Govt. support to sugar planters

The Government will provide support to sugarcane planters who are facing financial difficulties due to the decline in sugar price on the world market. The following measures are being proposed for providing immediate relief to planters for Crop 2018: a cash compensation of Rs1,250 per ton of sugar to all planters; and additional remuneration from bagasse of Rs1,250 per ton of sugar thus bringing the revenue accruing from bagasse to Rs2,500 for small planters and Rs1,700 for other planters.


For planters with less than 100 hectares of cane cultivation, the advance of 80% would be extended on all the revenue received from sugar and co-products instead of the ex MSS price on sugar only. The Mauritius Cane Industry Authority would also assist planters with less than 100 hectares under cane cultivation through an advance from the Planters Fund for the purchase of fertilizers for crop 2019. The advance would be around Rs13,000 per hectare.


Government would continue to explore new markets for sugar, in particular special sugar, with remunerative prices. In this respect, after protracted negotiations with the Chinese authorities under the Mauritius China Free Trade Agreement, Mauritius has managed to obtain a tariff rate quota of 50,000 tons of special sugar.


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