FAREI launches two new varieties of Green Beans

The Government is committed to provide the appropriate environment and support that are essential to encourage the production of locally cultivable food crops that are safe and healthy for consumption and meet the demands under the food security programme.

Thus, two new locally developed varieties of green beans at the Food and Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (FAREI) in Réduit was launched last week.  The two varieties are: the FAREI Bean Selection 1 (FBS1); and, the FAREI Bean Selection 2 (FBS2) which produces string less pods.


Such endeavours must be encouraged to decrease our high dependency on importing vegetables which accounts to 77% and be self-sufficient on the production of food crops.  The government believes Mauritius must be in a position to produce its own local crops as the potential exists.

The two new locally produced varieties of beans FBS 1 and FBS 2 have been produced following a snap bean breeding programme initiated since 2015 by the Agronomy Division of the FAREI where the first series of crosses were made between the Long Tom variety, currently widely grown in Mauritius and selected parents (Sodwana and Highway) with good agronomic characteristics.  During successive years a pedigree method was used for the selection of the best progenies.


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