Seychelles: “Do not waste, eat”, program launched in hotels

A new program to reduce food waste in tourist establishments was launched earlier this month. Called “Do not waste, eat,” the program was launched after preliminary research revealed that food waste was a big problem in the Seychelles – an archipelago of 115 islands in the western Indian Ocean.

Research shows that organic waste represents 50% of landfills in Seychelles. A 20% reduction in food waste can be achieved by training hotels and restaurants in Seychelles. In partnership with Betterfly Tourism, the French software publisher, the Tourism Foundation will provide two-day on-site training for staff from interested hotels and restaurants. Beyond training, the program plans to foster cooperation between hoteliers and restaurateurs. It will create an environment conducive to food waste and local food supply solutions, such as compost clusters, food waste collection services, partnerships with local farmers and possibly donation programs.


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