Consolidation of the handicraft sector through the launch of holograms

The introduction of holograms ensures the authenticity of Mauritian handicrafts. 300,000 holograms have been designed by Solutions Knitted Business Ltd. It is only SME Mauritius that holds the intellectual property rights of these holograms. Solutions Knitted Business Ltd will in no way reproduce these holograms for a third party.

The attributes of these holograms are very specific. With high reliability and an attractive visual, they guarantee a high degree of security. These holograms can neither be falsified nor reproduced fraudulently. The technology used for the design of these holograms thus makes them secure against any attempt at reproduction. At the request of artisans who have qualified for the administration of holograms, SME Mauritius will provide them with the holographic labels to be affixed to the selected products. Once fixed, the holograms cannot be removed or reused. A rigorous control system has been put in place to ensure that there is no abuse or misuse.

Another ambitious and unprecedented project in which we have engaged in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) is the launch of “Creative Mauritius” on the Tax Free Shopping Portal. Artisans already have a free web page with the description of their products, practical information about them, geo-location, photos and contact numbers, etc. since last year. And in May 2018, we went to the top stage of “Creative Mauritius”. From now on, the website is equipped with the “e-commerce” service that allows artisans to sell their products via the Internet – a first in Mauritius and in the region.


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