Water infrastructure

Some Rs 122 million has been injected in the Rivière du Rempart Water Supply project to address issues obstructing the smooth distribution of water supply and to improve the water distribution network in the region. By the end of 2018, around 80% of the population residing in the North will have access to clean water with an adequate pressure on a 24/7 basis. Currently, some 13 000 subscribers are benefitting from increased hours of water supply in the North.

The project of replacing leaking old pipes has been initiated by the CWA in 2015 and will gradually cover the whole island. Around 175km of water pipes have already been replaced to the tune of some Rs 2.1 billion. The water reform project will result in an increase in water supply pressure, reduce loss in the water distribution system, and ensure security and continuity of water supply.

The irregular water supply in the country is attributed to worn out pipelines and leakages, low pressure, increased demand in water supply and frequent bursts. To address these issues, various projects comprising the installation of new water pumps and mobile pressure filters, water treatment plants, construction of dams and reservoirs amongst others are being implemented by the Government.

Other related projects in the pipeline are rehabilitation and upgrading of La Nicoliere Water Treatment Plant from 66 000 m3 to 100 000 m3 per day, increase in the storage capacity of La Nicoliere Reservoir, installation of mobile pressure filters and construction of 2 Pure Water Steel Storage Water Tank of a total capacity of 5000m3 in Mon Loisir Rouillard and Plaine des Papayes, and pipe laying from Salazie to Les Mariannes.


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