Introduction of the Human Tissue (Removal, Preservation and Transplant Bill in Parliament

The Human Tissue (Removal, Preservation and Transplant Bill) will be read a second time in Parliament Tuesday by the Health and Quality of Life Minister Anwar Husnoo.

Minister Anwar Husnoo said that  Government has, at heart, the health and the wellbeing of its population, and in so doing, one must be bold enough to take decisions.

“In view of the different cultures, religious beliefs, values and principles prevailing in Mauritius, introducing such a legislation in our Mauritian society has not been an easy task. The more so, that there will always be apprehensions that some people might want to illicitly take advantage of the system. At the very outset, I would like to reassure the population that the provisions of this Bill do not in any way whatsoever contravene or impede on one’s religious or cultural belief  and that strict provisions have been made in this legislation to deal with any person who might intend to indulge in trafficking of human tissues”, he said.

He emphasized that tissue transplantation is an effective therapy for end stage organ failure and is widely practiced around the world.


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