Tourist arrivals: 5.8% down in April

Tourist arrivals for the month of April 2018 totaled 104,967 compared to 111,432 for the corresponding month of 2017, a decrease of 5.8%.

While France, our largest market, and India, were able to hold the challenge with arrivals up 14.3% and 7.6% respectively, other countries such as South Africa, Germany China, Britain and Reunion suffered setbacks.

According to Statistics Mauritius, arrivals in the Europe zone fell by 1.8% last month to 66,349. This decline is mainly explained by the decline in arrivals from certain important markets, including the United Kingdom (-12.3%). 11,623), Germany (-20% to 8,006) and Switzerland (-9.8% to 4,618) while France rebounded with an increase of 14,3% to 28,000 and that Italy has been more or less stable.

In the Africa region, the two most promising markets, namely South Africa (-14% to 11,482) and Reunion Island (-29.4% to 5,998), were down. Tourist arrivals from the region and the African continent reached 21,310 last month, a reduction of 18.5%. On the Asian side, the progress posted by India (+ 7.6% to 5,967) offset to a good extent others, especially for small cane growers. The price of sugar is worrying in such a way that the situation has become very serious, “he says. Having considered the planters’ proposals, he says, decisions will be made accordingly.


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