SME Mauritius Ltd set up to re-boost the SME sector

The setting up of the SME Mauritius Ltd will spur a new air of dynamism to the SME sector and will ensure the successful implementation of the 10-Year Master Plan. It will, henceforth, shoulder the responsibilities and functions of the Ex Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority (SMEDA) following the promulgation of the Small and Medium Enterprises Act on 18 January 2018.

The Minister of Business, Enterprise and Cooperatives, Mr Soomilduth Bholah highlighted that SME Mauritius Ltd, in due course, will be expected to meet the exigencies and realities of the SME sector as well as provide institutional support to SMEs. The institution, with the support of public and private stakeholders, will be driven by new set of values and visions in order to deal with the upcoming challenges, he emphasised.

He pointed out that the main purposes of the SME Act are to bring a major institutional reform and provide for a new legislative framework. The SME Act, he underlined, is in line with the key recommendations of the 10-Year Master Plan which aims at improving the competitiveness of SMEs and fostering high growth potential for the sector.


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