Police recruit 210 Temporary Constables

A total of 210 Temporary Police Constables (TPC), out of which 23 are women have been recruited by the Police Force.


They are currently undergoing a 30-week training at the Beau Bassin and Vacoas Police Training Schools and the Special Supporting Unit Training School. The Recruit Foundation Course comprises theoretical and practical sessions.

The modules are: general police duties; interview techniques; officer safety; physical education and physical training; first aid; human rights and code of conduct; disaster management; weapon training; IT awareness; foot and rifle drill; field duties; social aspect in policing; defensive driving; and anti-corruption and integrity training by the Independent Commission against Corruption.

After the training, the new recruits will be awarded a certificate in Police Duties after having followed two Top-Up modules at the University of Mauritius namely Criminal Law of Evidence and Principles and Practice of Police Management.


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