Board of Investment: 2018 promises to be rich

“2017 has been an eventful year for BOI, the Board of Investment, in terms of project facilitation and business climate consolidation and new economic pillars.” This is what was published in the latest BOI E-Newsletter.

The BOI has listed its contribution in the progress of several sectors of the country this year. The proceeding puts forward its major role in facilitating the achievement of the Environmental Impact Assessment for the Deep Ocean Water Application project, which contributes to the development of renewable energies. In the ICT sector, the Board of Investment has played an important role in launching the FinTech Industry, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Among the new projects that started their operations this year are Convergys, Vanuatu Services (Fintech), Mascareignes Connect among others. As for the maritime economy sector, the BOI has been the driving force behind several initiatives, notably the structuring of the Bourbon Group, the development of an action plan for the sector with the help of the World Bank and the development of Marine Biotechnology sector. As regards the film industry, 12 projects were supported by the Film Rebate Scheme, a program administered by the BOI, for a total of Rs. 927.9 million in terms of eligible production expenditures.

Overall, the BOI’s E-Newsletter highlights the organization’s effort to launch several initiatives aimed at promoting the diversification of the economy, particularly through various programs and the development of existing business sectors. such as real estate, biotechnology, agribusiness, and education among others. So given the objectives achieved this year, 2018 should be even richer in terms of project, investment and job creation.


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