Winter 2017 weather Outlook

The Winter 2017 weather outlook by the Mauritius Meteorological Services forecasts normal to slightly below normal temperatures for Mauritius, with temperatures dropping to near 12 degrees Celsius on some occasions. Rainfall is expected to be above normal over Mauritius with a mean of about 850 mm.

The Winter 2017 weather outlook, starting from mid-May till October, was presented by the Director of MMS, Mr Rajan Mungra, on 12 May 2017 at the Mauritius Meteorological Services, Vacoas. The forecast, which concerns Mauritius, Rodrigues, St Brandon and Agalega, covers specific climatic occurrences, namely anticyclone activity, winter rains and seasonal temperatures.




A normal winter 2017 is expected, with minimum temperatures reaching 15 degrees Celsius on the central plateau and varying between 17 to 20 degrees Celsius on coastal regions.


As regards Rodrigues, minimum average temperature is expected to be around 19 degree Celsius and may drop to 14 degrees Celsius over the high grounds.




In Mauritius, rainfall will be above normal during the first half of winter and close to normal during the second half, with a seasonal mean of about 850 mm.


Normal rainfall is expected over Rodrigues and St Brandon with a mean of 350 mm and 270 mm respectively. However, rainfall is expected to be slightly below normal in Agalega with a mean of 390 mm.



Trade winds, mainly from the East South East, will blow at an average speed of 25-35 km/h. However, due to strong anticyclones to the south of the Mascarene Islands during the months of July and August, occasional wind gusts are likely to reach 80-90 km/h in some exposed areas.


Seas will occasionally become very rough with heavy swells generated by the combined effect of deep travelling lows and strong anticyclones to the south of the Mascarene Islands. These swells are likely to reach the shores of Mauritius, Rodrigues and St Brandon, thus causing tidal waves on some occasions, especially in the southern and western sectors.


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