Metro Express, un projet avant-gardiste.

This is the dawn of the most prestigious and ambitious infrastructural project undertaken by any government since independence in Mauritius.

The Metro Express Project is a prestigious project that has to become a reality for the vision and the pragmatic approach to decision making of Sir Anerood Jugnauth; and for the generous financial grant from the Government of India.   The project will cost Rs 17.7 billion.  India will provide Rs 9.9 billion towards this project.

This year, Mauritius will be a vaste chantier and what the government is planning to build in the coming years will shape up Mauritius for the Third Millennium. Indeed, it will be investing some Rs 50 billion in a new National Transport Network involving the new Road Decongestion Programme.

As we are all aware, our island is faced with major transport network difficulties that cause acute traffic congestion problems especially during peak hours at the entrance and exit of Port Louis.  The Road Decongestion Programme is one of the most important road infrastructure projects ever embarked by any government.  It will lay the foundation of a modern Mauritius and it will help to alleviate the road traffic congestion problem, which is being aggravated with the increasing number of vehicles.

The introduction of high-capacity public transport systems like the Metro Express will potentially improve the efficiency of the economy by reducing travel cost, and time; it can also increase the level of economic activities in the various sub stations.

The introduction of a new mass transit system with its network of Urban Terminals will be the main thrust of the strategy pertaining to building the infrastructure that fits the future. As part of the government’s plan for urban and rural regeneration, the Metro Express will totally redesign towns, create new growth poles around the terminals, drastically reduce the commuting time for citizens, raise productivity, eliminate the inconvenience of traffic congestion, save on petroleum import bills and significantly cut down pollution.

The construction of the Victoria Urban Terminal will kick-start the project which will be based under the lease agreement so as to fast track the project.

With the implementation of the National Transport Network Project, the Metro express as one of the major components together with the implementation of the recommendations of the ongoing Public transport study, the public transport system will undergo a major transformation, involving reengineering of bus routes and schedules.  It will help to reduce car ridership and also increase safety on our roads.

In the light of the recommendations thereof, the public transport system will be reengineered with a view to making it more cost effective, reliable, and comfortable and a perfect integration of the bus industry and the Metro Project.

The metro project will be based on an affordable budget to the Government and an affordable fare to the traveler. Presently two Indian companies are working on the bid documents.  The metro express fare will be the same as the prevailing bus fare today.

At Government level, the impact of the implementation of this project will have on the society as well as the environment is fully understood. Such an ambitious project will definitely have a tremendous impact on the daily lives of all Mauritians and the government says it will do its utmost best to mitigate the adverse effect.

Suttyhudeo Tengur

President APEC

28 March 2017


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