Extreme Weather and Climate Events in Mauritius

The Meteorological Services in Mauritius has said that regional and global observations over the past two decades as well as scientific reports indicate that the frequency of extreme weather and climate events has increased in the Southwest Indian Ocean Islands States.

It is very likely that similar events in the form of heavy and/or torrential rainfall leading to flash floods, violent thunderstorm as well as electric storms, heat wave with high temperatures lingering for days and explosive intensification of cyclones may occur during the forthcoming summer 2016-2017. Tropical cyclones evolving in the vicinity of the Mascarenes Islands may generate high waves that are likely to reach the shores of the Islands of the Republic of Mauritius

They concluded that the Summer 2016-2017 will have normal to slightly above normal temperatures. However, on certain days in Mauritius, it is likely that temperatures will exceed the monthly average by more than two degrees Celsius in some locations. Maximum temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius are expected at Port Louis and in some coastal areas during peak summer months.


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