Blood Transfusion Service: Precautions

At the Blood Transfusion Service, all doubtful blood units in a screening test are discarded irrespective of the results of confirmatory testing.

Thus in 2015, a total of 818 units were discarded due to the reasons of reactivity in Transfusion Transmitted Infection screening.  Of these 165 units were discarded due to HIV reactivity, 308 for Hepatitis C, 94 for Hepatitis B and 251 for Syphilis reactivity. The confirmed positive cases were only 13 HIV, 106 Hepatitis C, 41 Hepatitis B and 131 syphilis, with a total of 291 confirmed cases.

In a bid to further reduce the window period of infections, the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life is in the process of acquiring latest NAT (Nucleic Acid Testing) equipment, which will place the National Blood Transfusion Service of Mauritius at par with similar services in the developed world.


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