About 80,000 stray dogs in Mauritius

Agro-industry Minister Mahen Seeruttun told Parliament Tuesday that the dog population in Mauritius is around 300,000 out of which at least 80,000 are considered to be strays, i.e. without an owner or a defined abode.

He said the Mauritius Society for Animal Welfare, the MSAW,which has replaced the Mauritius Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MSPCA) since 2013, is responsible for the control of stray dogs and operates in strict compliance with the provisions of the Animal Welfare Act 2013 and the rules set out by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE).

According to him, the main measure adopted over the years for the control of stray dogs was to catch and euthanise them. “Stray dogs are sources of serious problems in the society and MSAW is constantly pressurized from different quarters, namely, hotels, schools, hospitals, market places, district councils and municipalities, etc to catch stray dogs. However, there has also been growing pressure from NGOs for the MSAW not to resort to the ‘Catch and Euthanise’ method. MSAW was thus in a disarray and had to restrict its activities”, he emphasized.


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